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Rices special days in 50&5



Today begins the Gastronomic Days of rice in 50 & 5!

Taste this exquisite delicacy in these special days.

Located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in Muntaner 505, this restaurant will be a perfect meeting point to enjoy rice dishes such as mountain lamb rice with artichokes and tender garlic, juicy lobster rice with Catalan mix or rice with mushrooms and foie "a la minute", among others.

In addition, our sommelier recommends us to pair these dishes with wines such as Garbó (D.O. Monsant), Parlaor (D.O. Toro) or Freixenet Cava Elyssia Gran Cuvée (D.O.Cava).

Are you going to miss this opportunity?

You have all the summer to enjoy these days!